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Concrete Projects, Hire the Pros.

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American Generation Construction LLC are the premier concrete contractor company in Tampa for Residential and Commercial concrete needs.


We are a team of experts that have proven our concrete cost investment to be competitive in the market across counties! This includes new driveway or patio installation or to a pre-existing home - we bring our remarkable experience and commitment to every project.

Because concrete is so versatile, durable, and easy to maintain, it’s a natural choice for residential and commercial projects. In most cases will add value to the property and provide decades of use compared to alternatives.

Make an lasting investment in your commercial or residential property by having concrete installed the right way!

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Concrete Slab Foundation

Concrete is one of the most versatile and durable building materials available. Are you looking for an added room, shed or garage for your property.. even for a new home build?


A concrete slab will provide just that. A concrete slab has been proven to be reliable, sturdy and longlisting material that is used for every major construction project. Concrete slabs are considered to be most common constructed surface for homes, driveway, sheds, patios and much more.


We are the trusted slab concrete contractor in the area. We ensure top quality results with the process of concrete flatwork across all services.  Reach out to our team today for a free concrete consultation!

Concrete Slab Foundation commonly used for:

  • Barn Dominium

  • Metal Sheds

  • Auto Shops

  • Pole Barns

  • Boat and Car Port

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Concrete Slab Foundation
Metal Sheds

Specialized Concrete Slab Projects

Metal Sheds

If you are getting a metal building, your concrete foundation slab might be the last thing on your mind, but that’s a mistake. Just like with your house, the foundation is necessary to secure the building in place.


American Generation Construction installs concrete slabs for customers who purchase metal buildings, including barns, carports, and garages. Many residents and clients store heavy equipment in metal sheds which we ensure the foundation is built to handle the load.


Along with anchor points, we increase the depth and weight of foundation determined during the initial consultation. When you choose us, we will go over your storage needs and custom design the foundation that meets them.

Concrete Shed Contractor.jpg

Auto Shops

If you are looking to enhance your property with an auto shop, rest assure we are the team you want to hire! Whether you are starting a business or having one built at home, Auto Shops is a great method of Return on Investment.

Our team understands the specifications required to ensure the concrete can withstand oversized vehicles, machinery and car lifts. Some of manufacturers standards for a 2-Post and 4-Post Lifts require a minimum  4 inches of reinforced concrete slab to be safely installed.

That’s the minimum – however if you’re installing a new slab, it’s a great idea to plan around a slightly deeper concrete for even better strength – a least 6 inches thickness concrete is our recommendation.

Auto Shops
Concrete Driveway

Concrete Driveway

The concrete driveway is one of the first impression in the front property. With the amount of foot traffic and vehicles expected during the lifetime of a driveway, the concrete driveway needs to be durable and strong enough to withstand conditions.

Because concrete is so versatile, durable, and easy to maintain, it’s a natural choice for residential and commercial driveways. It will add value to your home and provide decades of use compared to other driveway options.

At American Generation Construction LLC we ensure the quality of the driveway with the products we use along with the caretaking installation process.

Concrete Driveway Contractor in Florida_edited_edited.jpg

Concrete Contractor Services

Serving Clients in Central Florida for Decades!

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Concrete Patio

Concrete Patio

A concrete patio is the perfect way to elevate the look of any landscape while helping to create an elegant and functional outdoor living space. Concrete Patio has been proven to be a must have across homeowners today with the low maintenance and added home value.

Does adding concrete patio increase home value? A well designed concrete patio may include a 8-10% home value increase.

We specialize in concrete patios and our customers are always 100% satisfied.

Our team work closely with our clients from start to finish to ensure satisfactory. Request for a Estimate today.

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Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete is the affordable alternative to stones, pavers, tile, brick and even wood. There are limitless options to design and color making stamped concrete popular additions to patios, pool decks, driveway and all concrete.

Whether you go for a stamped driveway or upgrade your back patio, you'll love the difference stamped concrete makes in the appearance of your home.

We are the local go to stamped concrete contractor that assures quality finish with customer satisfactory. Is stamped concrete right for me you ask? Give us a call and we will give you free consultation!

Stamped Concrete in Florida.jpg
​Concrete Removal & Repour

Concrete Removal & Repour

There are certain conditions when using a patching compound and resurfacing product will result in only a short-term fix.

Here at American Generation Construction we provide exceptional service with removal of existing concrete and repour of quality concrete compound to the desired location.


How long should concrete last? Concrete has an expected timespan of 20-30 years depending on the foot traffic, weather conditions as well as the quality during installation.


Our teams ensures your concrete investment is met with craftsmen work to make the most of any concrete contractor services. 

Construction Worker

Our Recent Projects

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Concrete Installation Hire the Pros

We provide clients with tailored services to manage their projects efficiently and cost effectively. If you have any questions about past work we’ve done or how we can help in a number of capacities, then please feel free to contact us at 866-370-3820 or fill out Free Estimate Form you’d like any additional information.

​​Concrete Projects that we do:
• Concrete Slab Foundations

• Stamped Concrete Patios

• Concrete Patios
• Steps
• Driveways
• Basic Slabs
• Garage Slabs
• Cement Jobs
• Concrete Pouring
• Concrete removal
• Concrete Leveling
• Tampa Concrete Cutting
• Concrete Floors
And so much more!

We are Tampa's trusted local concrete company.

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